Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Suddenly, Warhammer Fantasy!

It wasn't my fault - some friends were talking about Warhammer on a small scale (game size-wise, not figure scale-wise) and I suggested the old 500 point Border Patrol version, and then I worked out that I could do an Ogre Kingdoms Border Patrol with only ten figures from the £49.99 boxed set from Mantic and still get three units out of it...

In fact with a hero, 12 warriors (Bulls in modern WFB-speak), and 6 blunderbuss wielders (clearly intended as proxies for Leadbelchers) it only really needs the standard bearer from this set (below) being fielded as a Bruiser with an Army Standard to come up to around 1000 points.

Oh dear. This has guaranteed the arrival of WFB9 before I get those ten Ogres finished. Sorry about that.

(There is even a Skrag the Slaughterer in modern WFB but he's nothing like the original).


  1. You know, Mantic have produced some clangers in the monstrous infantry department, the werewolves and trolls are... ah... not the best. But the ogres, they are actually pretty great.

    1. Yeah. Much prefer these to GW's grotesquely obese old blokes.