Thursday, 24 May 2012

Eighties GW Font Request

I know there are blog followers out there who have serious graphic design mad skillz so...

Does anybody know of a suitable TrueType font to emulate this, the font found in Warhammer and other Citadel Miniatures publications of the 1980s? It's a strange typeface and it's sans-serif so doesn't really look like conventional typewriter output - perhaps it was a daisy wheel printer or similar.

Notice also that the upper case sub-headings are slightly heavier than the body text which suggested "printer in bold/heavy" to me. It also has distinctively heavy full stops (periods) and isn't monospaced.

I ask because at the moment I use Souvenir when writing out my fantasy RPG notes because it was the font used for the Lone Wolf books (and, I believe the font of the B/X booklets) but fancy changing to something like the above for maximum retro-appeal.


  1. The sample is a little low res for me to see the font well. But there's a great free font resource called FontSquirrel - - you might find something there that emulates it.

    Also, if you're trying to identify a font, will let you answer questions (based on a sample) to try to identify the font in question.

  2. Amex, the god of wealth and happiness. :D

  3. I'm pretty certain the early Warhammer font is a Xerox pinwheel type called "Cubic PC" check this sample. But it's never been digitized as far as I know. SV BASIC MANUAL by Johan Winge is a TTF revival of a different version of Cubic - and he's working on a new one, which is much cleaner, but he hasn't released it yet. Winges version(s) don't have the same proportions as the GW / Xerox - which have much wider caps, and the lowercase i, l, aren't the same at all - it might be enough to give a similar feel, but not quite enough to create forgeries of rare Citadel flyers and sell them on eBay for massive profits.

    The subtitle + "Richard Halliwe!l" is Century Gothic, and "Rigg's Shrine" is a redrawn version of something that has been digitised as Goodfellow - which was also the font for the Fighting Fantasy book "Out of the Pit".

    Yes. I know. Trainspotting doesn't even come close.

  4. Zhu, that is spectacularly awesome and I am speechless. Cheers, mate.

  5. Ha! Late update. Listening to:
    Rick says they had a Rank Zerox computer with a daisy wheel printer and 2 typefaces, and confirming they used Letraset for headings.