Wednesday, 30 May 2012

The Coopdevil Collection - The Fighting Fantasy Wing

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A rare glimpse of the Coopdevil Collection - the Fighting Fantasy shelf. Behold the beauty of GREEN SPINES!

Left to right on the shelf
1 - Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Roleplaying Game (signed by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. This book taught me what roleplaying was.)
2 - Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Roleplaying Game (not as battered to fuck as the former so this is the usable copy from eBay)
3 - Out of the Pit (battered to fuck)
4 - Trial of Champions
5 - Scorpion Swamp
6 - Temple of Terror
7 - Phantoms of Fear
8 - Caverns of the Snow Witch
9 - Legend of Zagor (Wizard Books reprint)
10 - Citadel of Chaos (early version with the cover by Emmanuel, the first FF ever I owned)
11 - Return to Firetop Mountain (Wizard Books reprint)
12 - Robot Commando
13 - Starship Traveller (pre-green spines)
14 - Dead of Night
15 - The Forest of Doom
16 - Island of the Lizard King
17 - Freeway Fighter
18 - House of Hell
19 - The Riddling Reaver (4 adventure campaign book for the FF RPG)
20 - The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (not obvious due to UV fading but this is the original brown spined version. I owned this in the day, swopped it for some other tat with a mate and then, nearly a decade later found it in a second hand book shop. That is, found the actual physical copy I’d owned before. Bought it like a shot. Said mate had slung it out and still has no idea how it got there).
21 - Creature of Havoc
22 - Beneath Nightmare Castle
23 - City of Thieves (pre-green spine)
24 - Crypt of the Sorcerer
25 - Deathtrap Dungeon (pre-green spine)
26 - 29 - Sorcery! series, Wizard Books reprint
30 - Blacksand, Port Blacksand sourcebook for Dungeoneer/Advanced Fighting Fantasy
31 - The Seven Serpents (battered to fuck)
32 - What is Dungeons and Dragons? (Not an FF book but whatever…)
33 - Eye of the Dragon (Wizard Books. Not originally published by Puffin)
34 - Maelstrom (also not an FF book)
35 - Stormslayer (Wizard Books)
36 - Night of the Necromancer (Wizard Books)

Left to Right rammed in on top
1 - Seas of Blood
2 - Appointment with F.E.A.R. (Wizard Books reprint, bought this last Saturday from Graham Bottley of Arion Games/Advanced Fighting Fantasy fame)
3 - Moonrunner
4 - Howl of the Werewolf (Wizard Books)
5 - Armies of Death (Wizard Books reprint)

Not photographed
- Arion Games Advanced Fighting Fantasy (doesn’t fit shelf)
- Arion Games Crown of Kings campaign (doesn’t fit shelf)
- Masks of Mayhem green spine and Bloodbones (Wizard Books) appear to have gone missing during house move.

That’s not all I’ve owned, I’ve owned books like Talisman of Death but lost them over the years.

Green spines were a fantastic idea. You can walk into any second-hand bookshop anywhere in the land and immediately clock whether there are any pre-loved and pre-cheated FF books to be hand.

(Odd panorama shot is via Microsoft Photosynth on the iPhone. Tumblr version is a more conventional pic)


  1. That is, found the actual physical copy I’d owned before.

    That's destiny, that is.

    Green spines were a wonderful idea, you're right.

  2. Yarp - but the old blue spine Deathtrap Dungeon makes it a bit special though - nice to see my daughter checking out the monsters in my copy the other week, although there are a few more pages lose now...

    You've reminded me about Trial of the Champions - could do with tracking that down again.

    Lizard King was my first and still my favourite - nice story about your copy of Warlock!

    What did you make of the FF novels - loved Trolltoth Wars myself but the others were a bit weaker.

    1. Oddly enough, I also have a blue spine edition of Deathtrap Dungeon.

      I too enjoyed Trolltooth Wars, but I don't remember liking the others nearly as much.

  3. That is very, very cool :)