Saturday, 26 May 2012

Back from UK Games Expo Day 1

Just back from Expo (or accurately back from hospital visting hours having swung past to visit my Grandfather on way back from Brum).

Was escorting my mate and the 8 year old not-really-a-nephew-nephew so didn't really get as much chance to look at stuff as I had wanted, but going tomorrow on my own so that will be a shopping day.

N-R-A-N-N played D&D (of a sort) for the first time today, happily I had at home the purple box version of the black box version of Basic D&D which I had picked up from an earlier show for the princely sum of £2 with the intention of giving him and then had forgotten about entirely. So N-R-A-N-N left Coop Towers with a box of D&D and some dice from the fishing tackle box of spare dice.

I picked up Vornheim from James Raggi and he didn't try to Cannibal Holocaust me or anything so that was nice :)

Bring and Buy total waste of time with stuff piled up on top of each other.

Bought an FF book that I haven't got and haven't actually read (something of a rarity) - Appointment with F.E.A.R. which I seem to recall huffily dismissing as "not fantasy" in the past. N-R-A-N-N went for Creature of Havoc after both myself and Graham Bottley on the Arion Games stand told him it was the best one. I feel vaguely sadistic about pushing Steve "Steve Fucking Jackson" Jackson's CoH on an 8 year old but bollocks he can learn to cope with it.

The temperature outside was 27.5C and inside was heaving (busiest I've ever seen it).

Had to come away early today but hoping to be there all day tomorrow depending upon hospital duties.


  1. Good choice of book!

    It was indeed heaving. My feet ache and my throat is sore from a very busy day standing and talking.

    A very long queue formed for Steve and Ian to sign things, and i also think i am in shot for the documentary they are filming! Looking forward to tomorrow though, so come bac and chat more.

  2. I picked up Vornheim from James Raggi and he didn't try to Cannibal Holocaust me or anything so that was nice :)

    Obviously not the real JER IV (pron. "j'arrive!" in a strangulated howl kinda like an orgasmic Frenchman) then. Likely one of the seasonal helpers he has, like Santa ...only more metal. \m/

    Good call on NRANN & COH BTW. You are a credit to the "cool (NRA-)uncle" tradition.

  3. it really was heaving and we didn't get there till nearly 3pm.

    Not really being up on my boardgames and still being a bit burnt out on role playing i couldn't really find a lot to waste my pennies on.

    Although on the italian wars front i did buy 2 regiments of old school grenadier medievals from EM4, more handgunners and billmen.

    p.s. who is james raggi and why might he invoke the wrath of ruggero deodato on you?

  4. Yeah Appointment with FEAR is a great book! One of my favourites back in the day. I'm surprised actually that as a kid I didn't share your attitude of "it's not fantasy" and just uncritically lapped up whatever SJ & IL produced ;)

  5. I fell out of Fighting Fantasy love before Creature of Havoc came along... At that point my little brother was reading them, and I was into the more serious matter of AD&D ;)

    It's really the best one? I might have to check that out.

  6. Creature of Havoc is amazing. It subverts so many of the Fighting Fantasy clichés and is one of the few that feels like a true epic story. Also, you get to eat HOBBITS to regain STAMINA.

  7. Webby, James Raggi is an publisher of D&D material which is quite highly rated within the OSR blogging community. Very much influenced by Italian Mondo horror films and the like.

    He's an American who moved to Finland because the metal was better and the guy who coined the semi-famous phrase "Fantasy Fucking Vietnam" to describe the Old School "save or die"/deathtraps-a-plenty style of play, the sort of Tomb of Horrors thing.