Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Jewelled Diadem of Akat-Anrak

"What's that Skippy? The One Page Dungeon contest for 2012 has a deadline of the end of the month? And we haven't even thought about what to enter? Strewth mate, you're right!"

What to do? Errrr....

(Sees iPhone next to keyboard with some holiday photos on...)

Zak-style photo montage to the rescue!!

A microdungeon knocked up in ten minutes while waiting for a database to restore from backup.

This is the rough JPG version. I'll probably tart the layout up before submitting the final PDF. And correct that typo - "within" not "with". Arse.

FYI - It's the Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple in Hampi.

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  1. I like the sphinxesque roleplaying challenges mixed in with the mechanical traps and magic beasties. It seems like such a fundamental part of the fantasy genre -- probably from Fighting Fantasy -- but I don't see it often enough in OSR type dungeons. Well played!